Monday, July 23, 2012

Strawberries and Cream and other Finishings

Here in Barbados we don't grow strawberries but it was a pleasure to stitch this one.  This was also the first time I stitched a strawberry ornament.  This is a freebie offered by Janie Hubble Designs in her June 2011 newsletter.You can click on the link and sign up for the newsletters.  I found this to be an interesting and different pattern to stitch.  I also like the addition of the beads - all in all I liked this pattern very much.

Design:  Strawberries and Cream (Freebie)

Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Evenweave
Thread: DMC 962
Trims: Beads, cream and pink ribbon
Finished as: Strawberry Pin Cushion 
Designer: Janie Hubble Designs

Next, I stitched and finished this freebie pattern as a tag which can also be used as a floss holder - just replace the ribbon with a floss ring.

Design:  Cute Birds Motif (Freebie)

Fabric: MCG Textiles 32 Count White Linen
Thread: DMC
Trims: Blue ribbon
Finished as: A Tag/Floss Holder
Designer: Manka Mintia

As mentioned in my previous post, I participated in the HoE Fall 2011 exchange.  My partner for that exchange was Michelle. I stitched the Fall motif from the pattern Measure of a Year by Prairie Schooler.

Design:  Fall Motif (Measure of a Year)

Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Beige Evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Orange ribbon and Pins
Finished as: Pin Keep
Designer: Prairie Schooler

I received my Fall (Autumn) Exchange for 2011 from, surprisingly Michelle!  We had each others name for this exchange.  It took a really long time to get here that I was a bit worried that it would have gone missing in the mail but it arrived safely.  She stitched me Just a Little Autumn by San-Man Originals.  Thank you Michelle and sorry that's a bit late in posting but as the saying goes better late than never.

Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Starting all over, again.........

And I hope it wouldn’t be rough..........
It's been more than a year now since I haven't added anything to my blog and I must say that I'm not so  very proud of myself.  Honestly, I became disinterested in blogging, but  have decided after all this time to make a fresh start at blogging, again.  Although I was away from my blog, I had not put away my stitching but rather, I have been doing some stitching whenever the time permitted.  I have a whole host of "finishings" to complete along with lots of stitching projects to start.  I just have to get myself organized during my vacation in August.  Then I hope to accomplish lots of stitching,  finishing and keeping my blog updated.  Hopefully, I can get all this done while keeping my fingers crossed.

Here are a few pieces and an exchange I did for fall on the HOE for 2011 while I was away.
 Design: Pique aiguilles (Freebie)
Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Linen
Thread: No name orange variegated thread
Trim: Orange Ribbon
Finished as: Pin Cushion 
Designer: Found here 

This cushion finished up much bigger than I expected but nevertheless it was a joy to stitch and the flower in the center was very easy to make. I just love the colours surrounding the cushion.

My next finish is another pin cushion called 'Love'.  This is the first of its kind for me.  I love the leaf stitch and the satin stitch in the word love.  I love how this turned out.  Thanks to Carol from Just Carol's Place who substituted with DMC colours.

Design: Love (Freebie)
Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Ivory Linen
Thread: DMC Nos. 315,523, 3046, 3727 and 3740
Finished as: Pin Cushion 
Designer: Betsy Foster of Elizabeth Designs

Next, I tried my hand at stitching a mattress pin cushion.  I was a bit disappointed with the finish as it turned out a little crooked. I guess practice makes perfect so I will stitch another one when I find a pattern I like for a mattress pin cushion.  The pattern I chose is the Rabbit motif from the Prairie Schooler book In the Wood.

Design: Rabbit (In the Woods)
Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Beige Linen
Thread: DMC recommended
Finished as: Mattress Pin Cushion
Designer: Prairie Schooler

I did a pinkeep as well.  I wanted to stitch this pattern from the first time I saw but only now got the opportunity to do so.  It is a freebie from Aion Designs designed by Christine-Ann Martin.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available and I believe their website no longer exist.

Design: Sampler Motif (Freebie)
Fabric: Jobelan 28 Count Cream Linen
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Pins, violet blue ribbon and backing fabric,
 violet glass beads
Finished as: Pinkeep
Designer: Christine-Ann Martin

Well, that's it for now.  I will share the others at some other time.  Thanks for stopping by!