Sunday, December 29, 2013

And the Ornaments Continue.....

Hi again to all my stitching friends and visitors.

Today I continue to highlight my ornaments for this year.  Here is a cute little fellow I knew I had to stitch  from the first time I saw him - "Festive Owl".

Design: Festive Owl
Designer:  Holly's Hobbies
Fabric: Gray 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red satin ribbon and
green and white backing fabric
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

From here I will let the pictures to the talking:

Design: Fill with Love
Designer:  Cathy Coombes
JCS 2007 special Christmas Issue
Fabric: Gray 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Green satin ribbon and jingle bells
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

Design: Santa Sack
Fabric: White 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red and multicoloured ribbon
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

This particular ornament reminds me of the traditional drink sorrel which we here in Barbados drink at Christmas time.  It has a ruby colour and has a bit of a tangy taste. We dry the pods and then steep them in water until it is ready to drink. 

Design: Noel
Designer: Unknown
Fabric: Gray 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC 
Trims: Ruby red ruched satin ribbon 
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

Design: Merry Christmas
Designer:  Nan - Threadwork Primitives
Fabric: Cream 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red satin ribbon and holly
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

Design: Emmanuel 
Designer:  Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: Beige 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Cream Grosgrain ribbon 
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

And here they are all together.  For me it is hard to pick a favourite because I like them all but if I had to really choose I would choose Woodland Joy with Emmanuel being a close second.  I found that they were easy, fun and enjoyable to stitch.

So, that's my ornament offering for 2013.  I do hope you enjoyed being here and I hope you will visit again soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Seasons Greetings to all!!!

Seasons greetings to all my fellow stitchers and visitors!  I sincerely hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and that you are looking forward to the new year.  As usual, I had an enjoyable and peaceful day with my family.  I really wanted to show my Christmas ornaments  before Christmas day but I had not finish on time but as the saying goes, better late than never so here I am to show a set of ornaments made earlier year. First up is"Woodland Joy" designed by Something in Common Designs:

Design: Woodland Joy
Designer:  Something in Common
Fabric: White 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red and green grosgrain ribbon and
green and white backing fabric
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

I found this freebie pattern from long ago in my stash and decided that I must stitch it this year. Unfortunately, the site "Something in Common" is no longer available.

Next is The Prairie Schooler's a Christmas Visit:

Design: Ornament "Christmas" from A Christmas Visit
Designer:  Prairie Schooler
Fabric: White 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red cording and backing fabric
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

I chose this ornament because of its shape since I have never attempted a finish like this before.  It was a bit challenging but nevertheless I think I did a pretty good job but will make some changes if I ever do this type ornament again.

Another Prairie Schooler design:

Design: Motif from Prairie Stars
Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
Fabric: White 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red satin ribbon and backing fabric
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

I stitched this one sometime ago but only finished it this year.  I think he was my first santa ornament but I know he won't be my last as I intend to stitch many more santas from the Prairie Schooler.

Finally, but by no mean least for this post is "Biscornu de Noel" which can be found on

Design: Biscornu de Noel
Designer:  Carole
Fabric: White 28 count evenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red satin ribbon, gold cord and backing fabric
Finished as: Christmas Ornament

I love the backing fabric on this ornament!  It was given to me by my good friend and fellow stitcher, Joan which I found in my stash and I felt that it went nicely with the colours and pattern. By the way, you have to email Carole for this freebie.

Well, that's it for now so until next time when I will continue to show off my Christmas ornaments for 2013.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Independence Day, Barbados!

Hello my dear stitchers,

The land I love, Barbados is today celebrating 47 years of Independence! Yes, this fair land, I call paradise the island of my birth is quickly becoming of age.  Despite our economic challenges, we are still striving as a nation and hopefully we can ride out this difficult "storm" that now confronts us as a people and a country. Today my prayers go out for the Government and people of Barbados that we will join together hand in hand to carry our country forward to better and greater achievements as we continue to grow.  Please see my little token of appreciation of my beautiful island, Barbados.

Design: Patriotic Heart 2013
Designer: AuryTM
Fabric: 28 Count White Evenweave
Threads: Yellow. J.P. Coats - Yellow, Black and Blue 
Trims: Cording and Blue satin ribbon
Finish: Heart-shaped Cushion

 For the occasion, I stitched, a heart-shaped cushion in the national colour of Barbados - yellow, black and blue on white evenweave.  I used the background fabric at the back of the cushion. the pattern was orginally done to celebrate the United states of America's Independence Day 2013.   You will guess by now that I changed the colours. Included in the picture above is our national flag, national flower and little items which I wear during the month of November - brooch  and handband.

And ...... here's my granddaughter, Asia, all decked out in the national colours for school yesterday!!!

I close with a picture of one of our beaches, Pebbles showing  the calming waters of the Caribbean.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My First Christmas Ornament........

I guess by now most of you  have already finished most of your Christmas ornaments and they are put aside to hang on the tree!  Well, I finished my first ornament last week and I am ready to show it off.  This was stitched sometime last year just in time for Christmas this year.

Designer: IStitch
Fabric:White 28 Count eavenweave
Thread: DMC recommended
Trims: Red and green satin ribbon, 
           cording and matching fabric
Finished as an: Ornament

I have a few more to finish and also to stitch so I should be good with my ornaments by the time Christmas comes around providing all goes well in the coming months.

Well, I'm off to continuing working on my ornaments so until next time have a wonderful and stitchy