Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is my birthday! and I am praying that I have many, many more! Took the day off from work and just did some shopping and relaxed a little until the kids get home from school. Plan to complete a needleroll I had for ages to night. Not very romatic huh, but nevertheless I get to stitch! What did I get for my birthday!! My hubby gave me a lamp with a magnifying lamp for use with my stitching at night as that is the only time I get to do the bulk of my stitching. What a sweetie he is! I guess he didn't want me to suffer anymore, LOL. Those higher count fabric are so hard on the eyes but I just love to stitch on them and now that I have my lamp, I can surely do a whole lot stitching now. I have to thank him in a very special way. Well off to get the kids their dinner.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy your new lamp...what a great gift!

  2. Happy Birthday Sandra - what a lovely gift from your hubby!


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