Monday, May 18, 2009

It's been a while.......

As you can see, it’s been a while now since I wrote anything in my blog. No, I haven’t been having writer’s block or anything like that but the latter half of 2008 was not a particularly happy time for me and my family. As you can imagine, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on blogging and most of all spending quality time on my stitching was out of the question. Just when I thought my life was going fairly well then I was suddenly in a tailspin which left me wonder what next to do. Though the problems are on-going, I‘m trying to cope and I am taking one day at a time. As a result of all this, I’ve only completed small pieces of stitching. I’ve also participated in some exchanges which gave a welcome break from all that was going on around me. I am happy to say that I did a couple of exchanges with my favourite group,none other than Hooked on Exchanging (HoE). As mentioned before I love exchanging especially on the HOE board from which I have received some lovely exchanges. I did a Biscornu exchange on the SBEBB Board also in late August 2008 for Susan in the US. I had a couple mishaps with this exchange and had to start over at the last minute and then I made a mistake in her address! It got there eventually after returning to me. Here is what I did for her. I also included a fob to match the biscornu.

And this is what I received from Maria in Venezuela. Her first biscornu was lost in the mail so she did another one which came only in January this year. Thank you Maria, your second biscornu finally arrived and it was well worth the wait.

That's it for now. Will publish more picture soon and I promise I wouldn't take another year to do it, lol! Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I hope things settle down for you very soon. Glad you are still around!


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