Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On with the Exchanges!

The next exchange I did with HoE was held in September 2008. This was a Prairie Schooler exchange and I stitched a pincushion from Pins and Needles Book No. 115 for Yasmin. It was my first time sending out an exchange to Malaysia so you could imagine my fear of it being lost but she got it in about two weeks or so which wasn't bad. I enjoyed stitching this for Yasmin.

And I received this wonderful floss ring from Marie. I think this is the second time she got my name last year! But I am not sorry because she does such a great job with her stitching and finishings. I hope some day to turn out project just like her. Here is what she sent. She stitched me Friends Book No. 84.

November saw the exchanging of floss tags! My partner for this one was Joke. I stitched her a motif from "Life is Sweet" designed by Ria Lanser. I tried to be different on this one just for variety. I did not use an eyelet by just a piece of ribbon for the loop. I made my own cording. It didn't turn out as I would have liked but nevertheless Joke liked it. This is the floss she received from me.

I received in this exchange the tiniest floss tag I have seen from Caroline in England! She did it on 40 count fabric one over one and it was her first time stitching one over one. I think she did a wonderful job and I am hoping that she wasn't crossed eyed when she was finished, lol. It is too tiny! I must try that one over one thing some day.

In February, 2009, I started my exchanging with the Valentine's Day exchange for Sadie in the U.K. I stitched a piece called "Valentin" from the website http://feutrieetpetitescroix.fr/.
I also crocheted a doily for Sadie as she is learning to crochet. I hope she found it useful.

Michelle in the U.S stitched me a scissors fob and a sachet bag for my Valentine exchange. "Heart Throb" from the Drawn Thread. I love the way it was finished. I think it is very cute and a "Teeny Tiny Love Bag" from Victoria Sampler. Thank you Michelle.
She also included a sachet bag, bath salts and needles which I am sure will come in handy.

My last exchange so far is one which was done for Arbor Day - with a woodland theme. I chose my piece from Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornaments 2004 for my partner Becky K. I wanted to stitch this one for myself but thought that it would go well with the theme. I am glad I stitched this one because Becky loved it. I finished it into a pinkeep/scissors keeper.

And my exchange for Arbor day came from Marie in Sweden. She stitched an oven mitten taken from an English magazine called the "Cross Stitcher. It depicts the chestnut tree.

So that's it for the exchanges. Thanks to all of you who sent me beautiful exchanges. I love every one.
Please note: Sorry but I am not able to get the links to show up so that they can be clicked on. I think that I am doing everything right but they just won't show up! Grrrrrr!
*Edited to say that I finally got the links figured out so the links are clickable now.

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I just love everything you have stitched and finished. I am going to link your blog to mine so loads of other people get to see your blog because it really is inspiring. Lots of Love Patti xxx


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