Sunday, August 30, 2009

Key keeper

It's back to work tomorrow and back to school here for most of the kids here in Barbados. I know I wouldn't be stitching much for a few weeks as I know I will be tired most evenings and then there will be helping out with homework. No rest for the weary they say, lol. I did manage to stitch one little key keeper while on vacation. Oh what a pity as I want to do so much more but I had to spend some time with my daughters as they will be off to University and college from this September and I was getting them all prepared. Oh well, I guess the kids come first. Anyhow this is what I did.

I found this pattern somewhere on the net but can't recall where, so I don't have a name for it or the name of the designer. If anyone is familiar with the pattern could you please let me know so that I can give it its proper name. I am calling it a key keeper with a 'fancy lady' on it.

Fancy Lady (Self named)
Fabric: 28 count beige Jobelan
Threads: DMC
Finish: Key Keeper

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  1. What a lovely pattern. I haven't heard of a key keeper before. I'll have to search around for them!

  2. Hi Meadows08,

    Actually, this is just a name I thought of because I wanted a tag for my car keys. I could also use it for a floss tag.

  3. It is a cute design & if you run across the design I'd love to find it to stitch it up.


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