Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Good News!

Someday day this week, can't remember which day exactly, I got word that I was the 1000th poster over on the Freebie Gallery and for this I will be receiving a surprise from Carol! How good is that??!!! I am so looking forward to receiving the surprise! This was really great news to receive now that my vacation is at an end. Not that I don't want to return to work because there are so many persons out there without jobs during these tough times and I am grateful for this job that I have but you know how it is after a long break from work, you have to get back into the thick of things. So its off to work I go, the bills have to be paid, lol.

Some more good news! 'My By the Sea exchange' on the HoE board has been received by my partner, Stacy in the USA! She got it in just a matter of days of me posting it off to her and to think I was a few days late. Great job by the post office! I chose to stitch a pincushion using the freebie 'Sommer' from Mausimom freebies. Most of the colours used reminded me of colours you will find on the beaches here in Barbados on any sunny day. I thought I would add a sea shell from the beach close to my home to embellish the pincushion. I also enclosed some small sea shells as a little souvenir from Barbados. I do hope Stacy will enjoy her exchange as I enjoyed stitching it for her.

Design: Sommer
Designer: Mausimom's
Fabric: 32 count white linen,
flora fabric for backing
Threads: DMC
Finish: Pincushion

So, I off now to prepare for work on Monday. Thanks for paying me a visit and have a great weekend!

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  1. So cute! Your exchange partner is one lucky lady!


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